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ASB hosts Love Shouldn’t Hurt Week

ASB held its annual Love Shouldn’t Hurt Week from Oct. 12-16, advocating for the protection of individuals against domestic violence. ASB collaborated with Human Options, an organization that works with the community to break the cycle of domestic violence, to plan the events during the

Issue of the Month: Northwood’s Turf Wars

Northwood students returning to campus this August suddenly found themselves plunged into the middle of a turf war. In an unexpected coup, the natural green grass of Northwood has been replaced with the suburban solution to the California drought: artificial turf. Will this regime change

Update: Student Store 2.0

As we’re experiencing some of the hottest weather in Irvine’s history, it is nice to know that the Student Store is always there to provide us with cool beverages at lunch. However, returning NHS students may be having a tough time finding it, as the

School 101: Starting School Another New Year

At the beginning of a new school year, it’s understandable to feel little nervous. Here are some tips to help you get off with a great start.            It’s a good idea to ease into the school year slowly. Don’t rush into things. For example, you

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NHS Cheer: The pep in their step

From their impeccable routines to their daring aerial stunts, the cheerleaders of the NHS Cheer team make every head turn during pep rallies. But when they aren’t giving flawless performances, these ladies are working hard to perfect their technique. The team geared up for the