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The Annual Northwood Grade Drop hits again

While most people were holding glasses of champagne and clinging onto poppers on Dec. 31, eagerly awaiting the famous Time Square Ball drop in New York City, Northwood students braced themselves for a lesser-known, yet equally anticipated event: the Annual Northwood Grade Drop. Known for

Transgender rights in state legislation

In America, many of us take our rights for granted, including the right to use the bathroom of our choice. Surprisingly, however, not everyone has that liberty. The conversation about transgender bathroom rights has exploded into a heated debate over the past year. Controversy erupted

Art after high school

While most of the nation is in the midst of a festive holiday season, many students are pressed with a more stressful issue: college applications. Out of the thousands of institutions of higher education that seniors can choose from, however, not many seniors consider pursuing

Halloween playlist

‘Tis the season, once again, and I’m not talking about Christmas. The true winner of holidays, Halloween, is just around the corner, and you need a bloody good playlist to celebrate the merry, or rather, spooky occasion. Break out the pumpkin juice, and listen to