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Advice to my younger freshman self

Well, here we are. After four years at Northwood, I’d like to think that a lot has changed, although looking back at my pictures from freshman year, it looks like I’ve pretty much stayed the same. Regardless, as a seasoned senior, I feel like I

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Political Activism

In light of the recent election, political activism has become more and more entrenched in modern American culture. In a time when America is more politically divided than ever, it seems like every week, new marches and protests are being held to combat the latest

Cool summer drink places

As the countdown to the last day of school is nearing an end, the weather is getting hotter and hotter in light of the arriving summer. During these especially scorching days, Northwood kids need to cool off. Here are just a few options for those

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Good, Bad, Ugly: la edición de amor

Dear Howler, this guy and I like each other, but my parents are super strict and won’t let me date anyone. Help! Good: While your parents’ strictness may be the absolute worst thing in the world at the moment, remember that they are just probably