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A goodbye letter from the EiC

Senior year is a time of heavy contemplation, and it is during this time that I retraced my steps to find a conclusive end to my high school adventures. And obviously, a lot of it has to do with my experiences in The Howler. I

The best letter of recommendation lines

Following the election, The Howler had the opportunity to work with our Russian allies to hack into Naviance. Here are some of the most commonly repeated phrases. Is responsible and respectful. Does a lot with what she/he has been given. Handwriting is semi-legible. Hasn’t been

September Centerspread

Due to some printer issues, our Centerspread became discolored from its original version. Here it is in its original glory. Centerspread by Kristina Kim

Ko-mmander in Chief’s wise words

I understand that I am supposed to use words of inspiration to rouse all of you out of your summer stupor. But I also understand that no words could possibly prepare any sane soul for the barrage of essays, projects, tests and general responsibilities that

NTV wins $5000 in Only In Irvine contest

Northwood won against other local Irvine high schools in the Only in Irvine Student Film Competition, earning first place with its three-minute video featuring life in Irvine. The Northwood submission was written and directed by junior Troy Charbonnet, and produced by junior Koby Park along