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T-wolves on trend: Body art

Danielle Young, senior: “I have a rook, which is a piercing through one of the thickest parts of cartilage in your ear. It’s only one hole, but the metal is curved so it shows on both sides. It’s nice and low-key, I can hide it

A woman’s work

The women in my family were born in kitchens. When my mother was born, my grandmother brought her home from the hospital the very next morning, set her baby in a basket on the counter and began cooking breakfast while my mother watched through blurry,

Sugar plum to sugar rush

Why is the holiday season considered the most wonderful time of the year? Is it because of the celebration of family and friends, the spirit of gift-giving or the traditions and memories associated with the winter months? No. This is the most cherished season because

December playlist

Preparing for finals, dealing with the piles of tests and projects that teachers are throwing on us before winter break, having to dig jeans and sweaters out from the backs of our closets– oh, and everyone’s coming down with a cold? What’s that? It’s the

Kickin’ it back at Akustikoff

Irvine’s Youth Action Team (YAT) united high school students from around Irvine at its 11th annual Akustikoff for an evening of casual fun and serious talent. A lineup of 19 musical acts competed in a “battle of the acoustic artists” last Friday at the Heritage