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‘Til final deadline do us part

Romeo and Juliet. Gatsby and the American Dream. Elizabeth and Darcy. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Horrigan and Rubin. Mr. and Mrs. Olivares. Jan and the dress code. Northwood is filled with epic partnerships. And now for the latest, and arguably most legendary, addition to the list:

Ali Huh: Artist of the Moth

She’s Wind Symphony’s principal flautist, one of the Inter-Disciplinary Art Council’s (IDAC) instrumental music representatives and next year’s Marching Band drum major. You’ve heard her singing alto in Viva Cantar, and playing flute for Jazz I and Pit Orchestra. She’s junior Ali Huh, and she’s

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ASB evaluations

In last year’s campaign interviews, candidates for ASB elected positions shared the changes they planned to bring to their positions. One year later, how do their claims compare to reality? Many ASB members used their leadership position to focus on specific school events. Last year,

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The Howler presents: the official Northwood field guide

Deep in the idyllic suburbs of Irvine, one wouldn’t expect there to be much nature to appreciate besides the meticulously mowed lawns and shrubbery trimmed to homeowner’s association standards. It’s not hard to overlook the fact that past the concrete and stucco, our community is

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“Copied and pasted” app features

Most teenagers’ smartphones are filled with eye-catching icons that open our generation’s most-consumed social media apps. But when these apps and their corresponding websites copy features from each other, they take away from the experience of using social media. Snapchat changed the social media game