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Grilled Avocado and Prosciutto Salad

With the entertaining season just around the corner, it can’t hurt to have a reliably simple yet impressive recipe under your belt. Treat your friends and family to this unique and sophisticated salad-with-a-flair. This nutritious feast showcases a wide range of natural textures and flavors

Jeff Mah: Taking tennis to a-mah-zing heights

With his warm smile and mature demeanor, junior Jeff Mah’s congeniality contrasts the formidable beast he is on the tennis courts. As number one singles starter of Northwood’s Varsity Boys Tennis team for three consecutive years, Mah’s leadership and athletic prowess have largely contributed to

April Fools Ideas

“Did you hear? They’re replacing the Oak with a fake tree to go with the fake grass!” Pretend you actually got eight hours of sleep. Buy a bagel from Einstein Bros, put it in a Ziploc bag and run around, announcing the good news: “Student

A new way to watch YouTube

YouTube launched its new subscription service, YouTube Red, in late October last year. Now, for $9.99 a month, users can experience a premium version of YouTube with some additional bonus features. With the exception of paid content purchases or rentals, YouTube Red subscribers can enjoy

From Northwood student to head coach: Kevin Rowen

After leading both Northwood and UCLA teams to numerous victories, lacrosse head coach and alumnus Kevin Rowen has returned to his alma mater to help shape Northwood’s lacrosse team into the formidable Timberwolf beasts he once ran with himself. The Howler sat down with him