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Feature: Prom Project

Prom Project is an organization that helps senior girls in Orange County receive free prom dresses and accessories, allowing them to confidently attend their Prom no matter what their budget is. Northwood’s Prom Project club is led by senior Shilpa Rajagopal. “After this fundraiser and

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Drop your college applications!

New school year, new me. Now that I’m completely devoid of any happiness left over from the glorious summer, all I feel is agony and desperation with sprinkles of stress on top.  And with college application deadlines just beyond the horizon and challenging classes biting


Phil Roh takes over Northwood football

English teacher Philemon Roh recently took charge as head coach of the Northwood High School Football team. He began his journey, from player to coach, a decade ago when he began playing the sport in high school. “I played football in high school. I was

Senior Jason Wong practices his butterfly stroke in preparation for the PCL finals.

Northwood Swim (butter)flies to victory

Northwood’s Boys Swim splashed their way to the top of the Pacific Coast League (PCL) with a record of 4-1 in the regular season. Their spectacular performance in the league qualified them for the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) playoffs, where they placed 4th; finishing behind