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Orange County turns blue

Remembering the editorial in The Howler a few months ago endorsing Hillary Clinton (only the second Howler editorial ever) brings a sad feeling. We predicted and hoped that she would be the first female president. However, Clinton supporters can find comfort in a recent change


A capella aficionados

You might remember Northwood’s a capella group Unaccompanied Minors (UM) from previous years, but this year you’ll see a few new and improved changes. UM was previously a women’s a capella choir, and Pride was its male counterpart. Now, UM is back as a mixed


Ogres and onions have layers, and so do shows

When audience members settle into their seats next month as the curtains rise and the lights dim for Northwood’s production of “Shrek: The Musical,” they’ll only be catching a glimpse of the world of work and creativity behind the performance. For months leading up to


New SDS unites students

The members of the new Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) Club aren’t happy about the recent election results. They’ve reacted constructively, though, because they share a mission to create change. “My favorite part of this club is that I get to be with individuals


Korea impeaches its president

The South Korean President, Park Geun-hye, faces the end of her career. Following protests in November, the National Assembly voted to impeach her, and she is currently undergoing a trial to see if she’ll be reinstated. She should be permanently impeached because she pressured big