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Memories as sweet as Sour Patch

After four years at Northwood, I have so many memories, and parts of them are special to me. Northwood made me a stronger person, with experiences I couldn’t have had anywhere else. I’ve been going to the creative writing club, Inklings, ever since the first

Why Orange County needs sanctuary cities

Sanctuary cities offer a refuge to illegal immigrants. Even though the term “sanctuary city” isn’t legally defined, it generally means a city where police stations do less to deport illegal immigrants than the federal government wants. Because counties—not cities—usually run jails, and jails are where

Students with some fluffy friends

If you like animals, there’s a way you can contribute to making sure they’re safe: You can foster baby animals until they’re old enough to be adopted. Among the animal saviors who’ve served as foster caretakers is senior Christina Stone. Her family began fostering kittens

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Top 10 Fun Things You Should Do Over Summer

Consider the faults of the American bureaucracy. Is Democracy even real? Is the American Dream a lie? Is this the real life… or is this just fantasy? Easy come.. Easy go. Get really sidetracked and forget you ever thought anything other than “America’s the best”.

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Fine Arts Center Hosts Exhibition

Guests admired artwork in the High School Art Exhibition at the Irvine Fine Arts Center from May 5-26, where Northwood’s artists received well-earned recognition. “The exhibition was a memorable experience because I didn’t expect to be selected,” junior Cecilia Jung said. “I’m grateful that I