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How to handle junior year: a guide

Seeing as the end of times—I mean end of the year—is coming, sophomore students are bracing themselves for the multi-directional walloping that is junior year. Talks on mental health were recently held by Northwood Psychology students, one of which was focused entirely on how to

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Sports in College

For most Northwood students, playing sports at a collegiate level is unlikely due to the different caliber of competition. However, that doesn’t mean Timberwolves who enjoy sports have to stop simply because they don’t want to make such a large commitment in college. At almost

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An Ode to Second Semester

O, how long I have dreamed of this How long I have prepared This soothing and glorious bliss A moment that seems yet belated Four years of sweat, caffeine and tears Learning the limits of procrastination The time to relax has finally come To let

Dong Hyun Lee gets rejected again!

Every month, Northwood students flock to read The Northwood Howler to catch up on the juiciest, most interesting news stories of the past month. But have you ever wondered which articles don’t make it into the paper? Well, you’re in luck. The Howler staff decided