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Poki Monster—gotta taste it all

A poke craze has swept Orange County in the last couple of years, and as of September, Poki Monster (gotta catch ‘em all) is the poke restaurant closest to Northwood, making it the hottest contender for Timberwolf poke enthusiasts. It’s located on Newport Avenue in

Northwood, we’re clear for takeoff

Motivated solely by his own zeal and passion for flying, senior Damon Morales prefers to spend his time studying flight handbooks and learning new languages. Unlike most high school students, Morales has known the answer to “What do you want to be when you grow

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Life After Breast Cancer… Twice

by Betsy Blackburn For me, breast cancer (x2) has awakened and reawakened the sheer pleasure of life and love. Of course, fighting cancer is a long battle with many, many doctor appointments, procedures, treatments and tears, but each moment is building an immense appreciation of

Battle of the (Acai) Bowls: Barefoot Bowls vs Nekter

Barefoot Bowls By Annie Lee Acai—nobody actually knows how to pronounce it, but this antioxidant is exciting Instagrammers and health fanatics alike. Any health nut worth her salt (unrefined pink Himalayan only please) knows that the best form of acai is a delicious smoothie bowl

Splashing his way to success: Bradley Arca

Recognized as a USA Water Polo Academic All-American and a Scholar Athlete in 2015, senior Bradley Arca has found his niche at Northwood as co-captain of Northwood’s varsity water polo team. From facilitating plays to designing the team logo, Arca demonstrates dedication to his team