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Northwood bids a fond farewell

Several members of the Northwood staff are taking their final steps around the Timberwolf stomping grounds as the 2015-2016 school year comes to an end. Counselors Bob Venable and Anne Goins, science teacher Judie Persons, math teacher Aruna Renduchintala and American Sign Language (ASL) teacher

NHS dresses to impress

The fashionistas of Northwood took to the Internet to show off their prom dresses this prom season. For the first time in Northwood history, an “NHS Prom Dresses” Facebook group was created. Students were encouraged to post pictures of their Prom dresses in the group—which

High school relationships: Worth it?

Yes! By Deepika Chandrashekar High school relationships are fun. Granted, they don’t last long and won’t be as substantive as the other relationships that you’ll have later in life, but if you keep things lighthearted, a high school relationship can lead to a better overall

Smells like school spirit

Homecoming is officially over and high school students everywhere are putting their gloves back on. It’s not completely out of the ordinary for school spirit to soar during Homecoming week, with the school rivalries that the final football game elicits. But this year, a different