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ASB evaluations

In last year’s campaign interviews, candidates for ASB elected positions shared the changes they planned to bring to their positions. One year later, how do their claims compare to reality?

Many ASB members used their leadership position to focus on specific school events. Last year, as a candidate, Senior Class vice president Olivia Stofko emphasized the idea of school unity. Now a second semester senior, Stofko has reflected on her work during the past year, while looking ahead to the future of the Class of 2017. She also acknowledged some of the difficulties she’s experienced in her role as one of the leaders of the senior class.

“Behind the scenes, some event ideas were shut down that Ryan and I hoped would help the senior class bond a little bit more,” Stofko said. “I also think that the hard thing with seniors is that everyone basically thinks that school is over and have started to move on to thoughts of college and the future. But, we do have a lot of senior events coming up, and I think that those events are going to be some that seniors will always remember.”

During his campaign, Senior Class President Ryan Nhu advocated for “more large-scale events that would make our school more unified.” Nearing the end of his term as class president, he echoed his partner’s sentiments, citing fun events as some of ASB’s successes, while still looking for opportunities for future innovation and change.

“Though I’d like to say we’ve had success in ASB this year, there is so much more Livi and I can do and are trying to do. Livi and I are excited to plan the Senior Barbecue and Breakfast, and we hope to continue to plan more events like these, like maybe a Senior Sunset.”

ASB Vice President Justin Lai was another cabinet member that followed through with his ideas for the school year. During his campaign interview, he described his specific vision of a Homecoming mural, created collectively by multiple students. The fruits of his creative labor were on display near the Oak during Homecoming week. However, “The mural was meant to get students involved and encourage them to contribute to changes they want to see in Northwood, but the main goal was not just the mural, but to make the students take pride in Northwood. ASB’s job is to make Northwood a better place and to serve the student body,” Lai said.

Before the start of her term as Girls Sports Commissioner, Kellie May promised to support Girls sports to bring them to equal status as Boys sports. She supported her claims through her efforts with Pack the Gym Night.

“This year we definitely had one of the best Pack the Gyms we’ve ever had! We did both the girls and boys games on the same day” May said. “We had great attendance, starting from the girls game and going all the way until the last minute of the boys game.”

Junior Class Vice President Steven Gong had ideas last year to “make the class council interview process more relevant,” citing art projects as a specific example of improving school spirit in the interviews. Although the art project plan wasn’t able to be carried out, he remained positive about his successes in his position.

“We decided to incorporate a dress up theme for interviews!” Gong said. “This gave us a pretty good representation of how spirited our applicants were.”

Junior Class President Claire O’Connor also started out strong with plans that included improving traffic around Northwood and leading the Class of 2018 to victory in Clash of the Classes. Unfortunately, traffic turned out to be a tricky problem to tackle, and the Class of 2017 took the W in Clash of the Classes. However, O’Connor remains committed to serving our school and working to make it a better place.

“This year, I ended up focusing a lot on reaching out to the student body and making them feel at home,” she said. “I created a brand new event called ‘Speed Friending,’ which really helped students from all backgrounds come together for a fun night. It was a great success, especially for all the transfer students that attended, and I am excited to continue the tradition and plan it for next year.”

Each and every ASB member worked hard to accomplish their goals this year in different ways. Although some of their campaign promises might have been deterred by larger issues unsolvable by students, ASB continues to look to different ways to improve the student body, and continue to be an integral part of Northwood life.