AotM: Yearbook EICs Angela Chung and Mansi Garneni

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Imagine having a school project that requires an entire year to create and produce a product that people would want to hold onto for the rest of their lives. That’s the kind of pressure put onto the members of Yearbook. From the moment school began to the very end, the yearbook team is hard at work designing and creating an easy way for you to remember everything that happened. This year’s yearbook is currently being produced under the direction of seniors Angela Chung and Mansi Garneni, who have both been involved since their sophomore years. In an interview with The Howler, they told us what it takes to put together the yearbook from start to end.


GD: How much freedom do you have when it comes to designing the yearbook?

AC: It’s actually pretty free, and it’s probably been because Mrs. McCann hasn’t been here for the first semester so I think we’ve had more freedom than maybe past years have had, too. It’s really been mostly up to us.

GD: How is it different working without Mrs. McCann for the first semester?

MG: Not having Mrs. McCann was stressful as to the fact that neither of us had done this job before, but we got into a good rhythm with tons of support from our editorial staff like Kaitlyn Spellman and Mrs. Estrada, who was subbing in place for Mrs. McCann while she was on maternity leave. Even so, we had to rely on our experience and be more proactive with our coverage without our advisor.

AC: It was nice to have our own freedom to run the class and come up with designs in our own way. It made us really appreciate the work that all the staff does, and highlighted how our job is going so smoothly this year because of them.

GD: Every yearbook has this overall theme surrounding it, like last year which was—

AC and MG: We Know Just The Place

GD: Who comes up with that? Is the theme something you create or does Mrs. McCann do it?

AC: It’s something the EICs come up with. It’s part of the whole designing process when we go to yearbook camp. We do it in tandem with Mrs. McCann, but it’s really our responsibility to come up with the themes. The EICs will brainstorm together phrases—which essentially becomes the title of the book—and based on that phrase you’ll develop a verbal story or tone you want to convey throughout the book overall.  At camp, you hone that verbal story and then also start to develop your visual design.

MG: The visual concept comes after to fit with the verbal. We go through magazines for design inspiration and look for font styles that go well together.

GD: Is there any chance you can reveal the theme for this year’s yearbook right now?

AC and MG: No, sorry, that’s a secret.

GD: Worth a shot.

Yearbooks are currently still available to purchase at the SAC for and will be distributed during the last two weeks of school.