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A farewell to Philharmonic


As our short journey as part of the Philharmonic cello section comes to an end, we would like to address each one of our members as a final adieu to our days spending 5th period in Room 501.

Daniel Paik: Thank you for the Sour Patches and Jolly Ranchers that kept us going during those long seDSC00826-2ctionals and after-school rehearsals. They didn’t last long enough to keep us going when you were gone for Russia, but they still did wonders.

Suhn Kim: As Daniel’s apprentice, you have come so far.  No matter what type of verbal abuse Daniel may have and will continue to put you through, just know you’re our little suhnshine, just like your Science Olympiad hoodie states. Our only suhnshine. You make us happy when Daniel’s away. Your future is as bright as your white Adidas shoes.

Kiwon Yun: Thank you so much for your unparalleled contribution to our section, whether it be through your insightful commentary or sage patience. We can only hope that as the years progress, you learn to live a little and break out of that hermit shell of yours.

Shane Kang: Despite the external forces that tried to deter you, you were a role model for the rest of the section, or at least the inside cellists during divisi.

Angela Chung: Can you feel the love tonight? We know you certainly can. Thank you for putting up with all upperclassmen around you and sharing with us your love for the main character of “The Lion King.” If Cupid were a sport, it would be archery.

Carissa Leung: As the owner of our cello section’s mascot, Toby the turtle, we are incredibly thankful for the large amount of shellfies of and shellebrations with Toby that you post on your Finsta and Snapchat story.  Maintain your health: turtles can live up to 150 years, which means you only have 133 years left with Toby.

DSC00824-2Daniel Yeung: The beautiful melodies and intriguing comments that you interject throughout class keeps everyone on their toes. Thank you for providing us with your pleasant surprises here and there.

David Park: Whip. Dab. Nae-nae. All moves we can expect you to bust on a every-other-daily basis.  Please do not ever sever your emo, voluminous hair.  It is, and will continue to be, unarguably the most eclectic part of Philharmonic.

Riku Miyata: Riku, you have brought so much to our cello section. Just remember that whatever you show Glenn, you need to show everyone. Including Michelle. Please stay the pure-white person you are because what we will miss the most in you is your innocence. By the way, eyebrows!DSC00814-2

Emily Hu: You are the mother of our section. You provide us with wake up calls when we fall asleep during rehearsal, daily encouragement and, most importantly, music when we forget to bring ours. Thank you for being such a tranquil soul.

Ethan Lyman: Although you are seated in the back row of the orchestra, you make your presence shine through your strong charisma and blue eyes. You may be last chair of our section, but you still are number one in our hearts.

If we can make it through improvising with our cello cases as chairs and fighting the strong winds of Mount Vernon from knocking our flimsy wired stands down, the future looks bright for the cello section of the Philharmonic Orchestra. Good luck next year to all you non-seniors, and peace out.



Photo Credit: Glenn Parham