A Capella club

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With its Christmas carols and close harmonies, Northwood’s A Capella club is hitting all the right notes—literally. As the sole singing club on campus, the club provides a place for students to learn and perform choral music, regardless of experience and enrollment in the choral program.

“We want to encourage everyone who aspires to sing to go for it and hope to develop their passion for music,” co-president senior Crystal Webb said.

The diligent club members can be seen practicing in Room 502 at lunch on Fridays. They teach basic theory to those unable to fit choir in their schedule and review important skills that excellent singers should have, such as proper tone, rhythm and ability to sight-read music.

“This club has helped me learn about the basics of how to work with others through singing and how to learn some fairly difficult pieces without a lot of time to work,” A Capella member junior Karthik Krishnan said. “Since I could not take choir this year, the club gives me an opportunity to continue singing in school despite my busy schedule.”

Although the club is student led, like choir classes, members typically warm up before tackling pieces in their respective vocal sections and finally coming together as a group.

“The people in A Capella are self disciplined and passionate, and everyone’s individual parts have to be learned on their own so that we can work on bringing it together within the half hour we have together each week,” Webb said.

The club has showcased their musical ability outside the theatre before the Finter Concert and Gala along with carolling around the community.

If you missed them this time around, you can catch them at the Valentine’s concert.