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Northwood’s MUNstoppable in Boston

Northwood’s Model United Nations club (MUN) competed at the 18th Annual Boston Invitational Model United Nations Conference (BosMUN XVIII) held at Boston University from Feb. 8-10 amongst over 1500 delegates nationwide, with junior Carina Lin winning an “Honorable Mention” for representing Paraguay in the Latin American Energy Organization.

Delegates gathered to compete and debate in 31 committees simulating real-world United Nations bodies, including the World Health Organization and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The objective was to pass resolutions that set specific goals and solutions for countries to collaborate on solving an issue.

“It’s really interesting having to put yourself in the footsteps of world leaders,”  sophomore Amine Adlouni said. “You have to consider the needs of each delegate’s country and consider how they might affect your own interests. Representing certain countries might mean that you have to advocate for sides on controversial topics that you might not personally support.”

Committee sizes ranged from as small as 15 delegates to as large as 80 or more. MUN delegates are challenged to test their diplomatic skills by representing their assigned country and working with complete strangers on a compromise that best benefits everyone. They addressed pressing world issues from cybersecurity to women’s rights to challenges facing the European Union.

Although Northwood students competed as individuals, they were able to spend valuable time together as a team and sharing strategies, as well as engaging in the college experience through tours and making valuable connections with other ambitious students across the nation.

“Bonding with your delegation at four in the morning, running outside without jackets to get lobster rolls in below-freezing weather and creating lasting friendships with other students from across the country in a matter of hours truly made this one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life,” freshman Ryan Liu said.

The club also attends a range of conferences held at local high schools in Southern California; the next one will be held at University High School on Mar. 23. All Northwood students are welcome to join the club in history teacher Vadim Rubin’s room on Mondays and sign up to attend conferences. The next travel conference Northwood MUN will prepare for is Berkeley MUN LXVII, held from Mar. 1-3 at the University of California, Berkeley.

“I did a lot of research for my two topics at Berkeley MUN, cybersecurity and military aid,” sophomore Sunny Zhong said. “I am very excited because this will be my first big MUN conference and I can’t wait to see what kind of new people I will meet and be working with.”