Nothing but the truth: Mock Trial to compete in finals

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After their seventh consecutive win at the Orange County Mock Trial Competition, Northwood Mock Trial ascended to the final round against University High School, the farthest the Northwood Mock Trial team has ever advanced.

“Defeating El Dorado High School at Semifinals was really exciting because it’s the first time the Northwood Mock Trial will go to finals,” junior Estelle Lee said. “It was a really special moment because of how hard the team worked to get this far and the time commitment put into it, not only for us students, but also for the teachers who came and supported us.”

Hosted by the Constitutional Rights Foundation, the Orange County Mock Trial Competition is an annual competition where Mock Trial teams all over Orange County participate. During the competition, teams simulated real court cases, and members of each team filled courtroom roles of defense and prosecution attorneys, witnesses, clerks and more. Winners for the competition were determined by volunteering attorneys and judges and were scored based on how accurate they represent the trial.  

“This year, our topic was People v. Davidson, where Casey Davidson was charged with the first-degree murder of political rival Alex Thompson,” senior Joseph Phee said. “I had the role of the trial attorney, where I got to deliver the opening statement and examine the witnesses. There’s a real thrill in questioning the opposing team’s witnesses and just obliterating their credibility in front of everyone.”

Northwood’s Mock Trial team consists of 25 students who meet twice a week after school with local attorneys to develop their case and improve their public speaking skills while learning about law. The team has been preparing for the competition since the beginning of the school year.  

“I was very very impressed with the students’ abilities during the trial,” Dickson said. “Seeing the students argue their case in front of an actual judge was my favorite part.”

Northwood Mock Trial competed at finals against University High School Mock Trial on Saturday, Dec. 16.