The Class of 2021 elect new Freshman leadership

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After conducting extensive campaigns, Kara Chu and Jasmine Sinchai have been elected Freshman Class president and vice president respectively by the class of 2021 and will be working together to promote greater involvement in school activities among freshmen students.

“Since middle school, I have noticed that student population was divided because there were so many groups,” Sinchai said. “This year, I want to encourage students to become more involved in school activities because I believe it would be a great way to promote school spirit and build unity amongst the student body.”

To achieve their goal, the freshmen class representatives along with Freshman Class Council will plan several activities to boost both class and school spirit. One of the main responsibilities for the newly elected Freshmen president and vice president is planning homecoming festivities. Currently, Chu, Sinchai and the Freshman Class Council are busy creating choreographies and props for the upcoming Happily Ever After Homecoming Dance.

“After the election, we’ve jumped right into planning for Homecoming,” Chu said. “We are making props, decorating our Freshman Frontierland and hyping the dance up to our fellow freshies.”

In addition to homecoming, the freshmen class representatives will also be organizing the talent show occurring later this year.

“I’m pumped to plan the talent show,” Chu said. “It’s a great way to showcase all the amazing talent here at Northwood. I’ve already seen people with crazy-cool abilities, and I can’t wait to host such an entertaining night.”

Handling all these responsibilities as freshmen representatives has been a major challenge for Chu and Sinchai, as they are still getting accustomed to Northwood.

“Adjusting to being a freshmen and balancing my academics with extracurricular activities like ASB and my social life has definitely been a challenge for me,” Sinchai said.

Despite these challenges, veteran ASB members are optimistic about working with Chu and Sinchai this year.

“Jasmine and Kara are super cute and totally fit for ASB,” senior class president Sophia Levy said. “They’re not afraid to ask questions and speak up when they’re confused. I’m really excited to get to know them better and see what they can do this year.”

In addition to all their current responsibilities, Chu and Sinchai say they are open-minded to receiving creative suggestions from their peers.

“We will focus on making our freshman year fun and friendly by planning activities where freshmen can get to know each other and Northwood,” Chu said. “We welcome input and ideas for these freshmen activities, so please let us know!”