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2017 Irvine Korean Culture Festival

Brimming with the tempting aroma of Korean BBQ and the exciting, electric rhythms of K-pop, the eighth annual Irvine Korean Cultural Festival celebrated Korean culture and heritage on May 13 at the Irvine Civic Center.

Starting at 10 a.m. and lasting until 5:30 p.m., the festival highlighted various forms of Korean culture. Inside of and surrounding the Irvine Civic Center, vendors sold Korean food, educational booths taught traditional Korean calligraphy and the stage showcased both traditional and contemporary Korean dance and music performances.

“Experiencing Korean food was a great way to learn more about Korea and its culture in an easy bite,” junior Khadija Ahmed said. “The traditional stage performances were graceful and beautiful and was a great embodiment of the culture of Korea.”

In addition to traditional dances such as the percussion-based “samulnori,” a K-pop dance battle highlighting the internationally popular South Korean music and dance genre garnered the attention and applause of many festival participants.

“The K-pop dance battle was so exciting and got my energy pumping,” senior Kelly Park said. “It was great to see people from all different ethnic backgrounds enjoy themselves and celebrate Korean culture.”

While some Northwood students attended the festival as participants, other Timberwolves served as volunteers throughout the day.

“At the festival, I found myself deeply immersed and interested in Korean culture,” junior Jeffrey Qin said. “I think that I was really lucky to experience Korean culture in this way and I’m really thankful for the volunteer opportunity at the festival.”

Bringing the festival to a close, The Voice 2011 Runner-Up and singer-songwriter Dia Frampton performed several songs, including “Dead Man” and “Die Wild” from her new album, “Bruises.”

“Thank you so much to the Irvine Korean Culture Festival for having me,” Frampton said. “It was an honor to perform today.”